Aginext 2020: The only conference that takes you beyond agile

Thursday 19 March & Friday 20 March 2020

We are moving the 2020 Aginext Conference Online!

Aginext is for advanced agilists. That means we need to listen to feedback and be eager to adapt to change. The COVID-19 pandemic makes our conference untenable in its existing co-located form. After careful consideration and collaboration with our team, our brilliant speakers, and our venue, we are moving the 2020 Aginext Conference Online.

We commit to transforming our forward-focussed agile conference into an immersive, interactive online experience.

In an effort to offer an experience tailored to 2D engagement, each of our 50+ activities will be examined and reworked for the new environment. Talks will be cut down to leave room for more audience participation. Some of our workshops will be moved to later this month and next to give the facilitators time to adapt and test new tooling and methods. And we will be adding breakout sessions, icebreakers, games, virtual lean coffees, desk yoga, and other activities throughout.

We will make sure every attendee can take advantage of our one-to-one Coaches Clinic.

Aginext will continue to be focussed on:
- Taking enterprise agility to the next level
- Discussing what Post-Agile means
- Experimenting with new DevOps and People-focussed topics
- Thought leadership in advanced agile practices and culture at scale
- Having fun with ample chances to engage and network in an agile mindset

See You Online 19-20 March 2020