Aginext 2020: The only conference that takes you beyond agile

Thursday 19 March & Friday 20 March 2020

Beginners Need Not Apply: Aginext is the only European conference with 56 talks and workshops dedicated to taking your established business agility to the next level. (Plus a bonus Day Zero Training Day!)

Aginext looks to talk about and experiment with the unthinkable and undoable that's already happening in some organisations.

  • DevOps and complex systems
  • What is post-agile?
  • Agile coaching workshops
  • Digital leadership
  • Culture at scale
  • Strategy with complexity

Want to build the Future of Agile? Join other experienced agilists, including Developers, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Agile Coaches, Testers, and more! Tickets are selling out fast!

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New! Training Day
Wednesday 18 March 2020

Why not make it three days? This, the fourth edition of Aginext, features a new "Day Zero" training day where you can spend Wednesday 18 March deep-divingĀ into one of two themes:

  • Coaching Fundamentals in Your Daily Work with Portia Tung
  • Foundations of Digital Strategies using Wardley Maps with Philippe Guenet.

You can book a discounted three-day ticket for the training day + two-day Aginext or just the training day, which is appropriate for all levels of agile minds.

See You In London 19-20 March 2020