Agile People Coach – the role of Managers and HR in the Future of Work

Session Category :  Talk 
20 March, 2020
16:00  -  16:45

The role of HR and Managers is changing into a more guiding and coaching role for the people in the organization to be able to perform and be happy. At the same time, the world is getting more complex and there are few competitive advantages still remaining for companies who wants to survive and flourish. One such competitive advantage is to learn faster than the competition, so that you can be innovative and creative and invent and produce products and services that customers want and need. But it requires a totally different Leadership that let people make mistakes and learn from them. It also requires different principles for HR, who needs to abandon policy making and process mapping for supporting speed, adaptability and customer focus. It takes cross-functional business teams on all levels to create a learning organization that has become a prerequisite for success, when everybody needs to take shared ownership for the company vision. The old structures with top-down hierarchies, annual budgets linked to fixed performance targets and rewards will not support the speed and motivation that needs to permeate future workplaces. In this scenario, the future career path for Leaders and HR will be the one of the Agile People Coach – a role that aims to create the right conditions for individuals, teams and the whole organization to grow and develop and change, as needed to survive. This talk will describe how Leaders and HR need to change to become Agile People Coaches.