An introduction to Progressive Delivery

Session Category :  Keynote 
19 March, 2020
09:15  -  10:15

Slides An introduction to Progressive Delivery: a basket of skills and technologies for modern software development, testing and deployment: including canarying, Feature Flags, Blue Green deployments and A/B testing at scale. We’re seeing advances in approaches to application and service delivery, where deploying a service no longer means releasing it. How can we safely debug in production? Technologies like Kubernetes and Istio bring new management challenges, but also opportunities – service mesh approaches can enable a lot more sophistication in routing of new application functions to particular user communities, managing and mitigating the blast ratio of a service. CI/CD is the basis of everything good in modern software development but there are some new aspects and practices that we didn’t have a name for – thus Progressive Delivery. Companies adopting the term include GitLab, Cloudbees, Launch Darkly and Split.IO. In this talk we’ll examine why. Progressive Delivery is about reducing business risk, while enabling greater experimentation in digital delivery.