Back to the Future – A Futurespective on Software Development in 2040

Session Category :  Workshop 
20 March, 2020
13:45  -  14:30

I just came back from 2040 to find out that we are still making software. But it’s not as we know it, Jim! Software development is done completely different compared to the agile wave that we had at the start of the century. How different? Well, let’s futuresplore it together

In this session, we will do a futurespective on how software development will be done in the future when we have finally mastered this profession. After sketching the future we’ll discuss what got us there, and we think about the steps that we can take in 2020 to reach the castle in the sky.

Why would you join this session? One reason to participate would be to think about how to innovate the way software is developed and hear what other people think. Another reason would be to participate in a futurespective exercise, which is a technique used in agile retrospectives. Finally, you can practice out-of-the-box thinking in this session, being freed by anything roadblocks your organization has as in the future they won’t be there anymore.