Culture Driven HR, looking for performance in your culture not your KPIs

Session Category :  Talk 
19 March, 2020
17:00  -  17:45


Slides Learn how you might avoid KPIs, OKRs and drive the culture you want through culture driven HR practices for recruitment and performance management. KPIs are the most common way of measuring the outputs of an organisation and a fairly poor way of measuring individual performance. Now the agile movement is moving to measuring outcomes and value delivered by an organisation and measuring tribe or team performance. So what can we use for individual performance and development?

This is a study of how organisational values and behaviours were used to transform HR processes for recruitment, performance management and professional development, directed by the organisational culture. How and where do OKRs fit into this process and how major changes to HR were crowd-sourced and developed within an SME and a large company technology division of a thousand staff.