Do Business Analysts have a place in a post-Agile world?

Session Category :  Short Talk 
20 March, 2020
13:45  -  14:05

Slides What happened to the role of the BA in Scrum? What about in Agile in general? Is a company non Agile just because it still has people with the title of a BA or is that actually a sign that just because it is not “evangelised” the role can still have value?

How does a Head of Business Analysis makes sure that a team of BAs is happy with their roles and career choice in a large organisation that prides itself on being Agile within its digital portfolio? Join me in this short talk where I give insights on my journey as a Head of BA at News UK and where I will share some practical tips for managers and BAs alike on how to claim your spot in Agile and how being a Product Owner is not your only choice for your career.