Hyper Agile – Exploring Lean and Agile in the Lab

Session Category :  Talk 
20 March, 2020
10:45  -  11:30

This session will highlight a summer of agile exploration with Washington State University’s Hydrogen Properties for Energy Research (HYPER) Lab. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Leachman and the students in his laboratory program at a large state University in the USA. One of his goals is to create and engineering educations system where students continuously improve performance with the design-build-test cycle. As a coach, I had the goal of exploring and applying lean and agile approaches outside of IT, and so we decided to perform an experiment where we would teach the students lean and agile approaches to run their summer projects. Our experiment was to bring an innovative approach to running research projects, and to build a collaborative culture across the summer interns.

This talk will explore the experience and examine how we applied agile to research projects, and how we exposed the students to lean and agile principles through a variety of workshops. Our approach could be used in a variety of workplaces to bring an innovative, collaborative, and supportive culture to non IT teams.