Rise up: the road less travelled to leadership, failure and overcoming imposter syndrome

Session Category :  Talk 
20 March, 2020
14:45  -  15:30

There are three things about agile ways of working that are hard:

–       Collaborating – as this requires a good degree of human-self mastery;

–       The Art of Maximising Work Not Done – simplicity, minimalism, beautiful but very hard

–       Fail/Learn fast – as we have a visceral reaction and fall into shame, being wrong and judged.

In this highly engaging, interactive and practical session, we will address all three.  You’ll learn three key lessons and experience practices that will help you find far greater happiness and productivity at work.

The failure conundrum, how to avoid getting trapped and spot opportunity in the unexpected

–       Harness the power of Imposter Syndrome

–       Lessons of agile leadership

Don’t let the shifting sands of work hold you back.  You can re-find the confidence of your youth which is made all the more powerful when combined with your wisdom of life experience.  You have purpose.  You count.  This life counts.