The Lonely Servant Leader

Session Category :  Talk 
20 March, 2020
11:45  -  12:30

Slides This is my story as a Servant Leader at Holiday Extras, and how I’ve avoided becoming “The Lonely Servant Leader”. Ever wondered what’s really meant by Servant Leader? How it actually feels to be a Servant Leader? Those in Servant Leadership roles, do you wonder how productive you’ve actually been? – and that the day has got away from you without anything tangible to show for it? I used to have these feelings. I used to feel guilty about purposefully stepping away, not giving the answer, not feeling helpful and finishing some days thinking it had been a washout in terms of what I could show people I had achieved. Together we’ll explore how important Servant Leaders are. You will take away how I’ve learned to put being a Servant Leader into perspective and champion the work I do as an Agile Coach – and how you too can champion the great work you do for your team!