Jimena Tascon

MSc Jimena Tascon is Woomly’s founder, an experienced women’s health coach and yoga teacher. Jimena has a successful career as a wellness & travel marketing consultant, but it was when she discovered yoga and became a teacher that she felt truly connected to her body and started listening to her body’s wisdom. Yoga, meditation and breathing practices are truly powerful ways for us to soothe our nervous systems just want we need during this incredible challenging times.

Woomly offers talks, 1-1 wellness coaching and yoga for companies and individuals. She has recently held workshops at Salesforce, Facebook and Work.Life.

Jimena is offering daily weekday Chair Yoga and Hatha Yoga sessions remotely: https://www.woomly.london/onlineyogalondon
If you are looking for a 1-1 online teacher join this sessions so you can get to know her practice and feel her calm & relaxing voice. She will help you relax and level up your self-care, kindness and productivity.


Remote Desk Yoga
19 March, 2020
13:10  -  13:30
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