Sue Bramhall


Sue Bramhall inspires people in the software industry to adapt and work in an Agile way to increase productivity and efficiency with tangible results by using various Agile frameworks namely Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. Besides training, coaching and consulting Agile, Sue focuses on changing peoples mindsets to become a solution focused, by using Coaching not only from the Agile approach but also on a personal level within the software development arena. Coaching and training have always prevailed in her 18-year-plus IT career, and she has been rolling out Agile to companies for over 10 years now. Prior to this, she has spent extensive periods focusing on business analysis, managing software teams and project management. Sue currently runs a boutique IT consultancy called Solutionsonsite which is now linked with

Sue was a co-founder of the Scrum User Group of South Africa in 2008.


From Story to Roadmap – Tying it all together
20 March, 2020
10:45  -  12:30
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