Wendy Chalmers Mill

Positive Performance

I have a unique insight and passion for personal growth, understanding the benefits of positive communication in the workplace. My goal is to educate organisations in Humanology ensuring that workplace cultures and environments are conducive to optimal staff wellbeing. I create a climate for vision building, acting as a catalyst for empowering others to better understand themselves and the positive influence they can make through improved Leadership and Communication. Leadership and communication have the greatest influence on organisational culture. They are the main drivers for staff engagement and happiness reducing stress and poor productivity both of which lead to presenteeism and abseteeism, and have huge human and organisational cost. One of my greatest achievements is working with The House of Commons, significantly reducing 3 day absenteeism from 22% to 3% within a three year period and, as a result, remaining as a consultant there for over 26 years. My Humanology work is completely unique both in what we deliver and how we deliver it based on my background. As a qualified physiotherapist, in 1983 I started in Occupational Health. Over the last 35 years, I have explored social/ human dynamics in the workplace. I have studied Ergonomics, Corporate Coaching and Neural Linguistic Programming, helping me further understand the link between mind/body, and health and how our state of mind is mapped within our bodies. Since 1998 I have specialised in in the field of communication, motivation and performance. In 1994 I wrote and published a book (RSI, Thorsons health series). I have frequently been interviewed on TV and radio about well-being at work.


Who do you bring to work
20 March, 2020
10:45  -  11:30
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