Virtual Coaches Clinic

We truly believe in the distinct value of this year’s schedule to accelerating your digital transformation. But we also realise there’s a need for personalised coaching, so you as an individual attendee or as a whole small team can work out any blockers and bottlenecks.

We have reserved two locations for simultaneous coaching sessions in our gorgeous event space. They will run in parallel to the regular conference schedule. There are half-hour coaching spots in total over two days, remotely facilitated by some of our awesome speakers and agile coach community members.

Are you already an agile coach or a digital leader? Even more of a reason to take advantage of our fully included coaching experiment — we can always use the time for both professional and personal reflection!

This Virtual Coaches Clinic is sponsored by Scrum Alliance.Scrum Alliance Logo This activity and all at Aginext (and our generalist conference Agile Tour London) qualify for Scrum Education Units or SEUs.

You don’t have to be using or interested in Scrum to take advantage of our Coaches Clinic. As you will see below, each coach brings a different approach and experience to your conversation.

Meet Our Coaches

  • Raquel Silva – Raquel is co-organiser of Agile Leadership Works! Meetup, is Scrum Alliance, ICAgile, Scrum@Scale and ORSC certified, and is a Scrum Master and Agile Coach at JP Morgan Chase. She works to help deliver value to clients through simplicity using transparent processes.
  • Steph South – a global business partner in IT at HSBC, Steph says she’s best suited to those wanting to discuss transformation topics — particularly the people & culture aspects — agile HR, leadership teams etc. She has an ICAgile accreditation.
  • Tanya Spencer – Senior HR business partner at BT. She says that “If there is anyone who wants nontechnical coaching they would probably get the most benefit. Most of my experience is with technology executives, leadership teams, transformation people, and function teams (HR/risk/finance).” She’s a mental health champion and certified scrum master.
  • Suzanne Doyle – consults on Large-Scale Agile Transformations within financial services, working to close the chasm between business and IT. She works mainly to develop the internal expertise and executive leadership required to support these large scale cultural and behavioural changes through Agile and Lean accelerated delivery, Lean StartUp, optimising product development flow and org design around faster value delivery.
  • Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning – provides ‘coaching for agility’, leadership, executive and team coaching, with a focus on transformation and growth. International Coach Federation (ACC) certified, while Kwasi has worked with many orgs around many frameworks he mostly enjoys “co-creation with clients which is more powerful and meaningful.”
  • Almudena Rodriquez Pardo – as a business agility consultant, she supports companies all over Europe in their agile transformations. She has wide experience working with multinational enterprises like Ericsson, Fujitsu and Vodafone, so agility at scale is not new to her! Almudena was also part of a Scrum team over seven years, so she has experienced herself the pains and gains a team faces when implementing Agile methodologies. Also a Management 3.0 Facilitator, Shiftup Trainer and SAFe Program Consultant.
  • Peter Weare – as an organisation and team agile coach, Peter works with firms who are having difficulty applying the textbook agile approaches as they don’t seem to fit with the way their org works. He uses continuous improvement techniques to get teams to change their org one step at a time. Peter can help you identify those small changes you can do tomorrow to get your team moving in the right direction and break down some of those barriers you are facing to unlocking true agility.
  • Hannah Cork – as Agile Coach at Holiday Extras, Han works across the organisation with all levels, disciplines and with very anti-agile individuals and teams so has experience with how to handle them so if that’s something you’re struggling with, come and have a chat.
  • Nick Loe-Startup – is a servant leader at Holiday Extras. He’s spent a large part of his career in the public sector in project and comms roles. For the past six years he’s been a Certified Scrum Master and agile coach, specialising in coaching teams to higher performance. Nick can help you with metrics — quantitative and qualitative, exploring innovative agile solutions and any area of team/individual performance challenges.
  • Nancy Evbuomwan – Agile & Product coach. If there is anyone who want coaching around team dynamics, team leadership challenges and facilitate product and service design sprints. In addition I’ve led the transformation of Agile in HR and can coach in that space.
  • Dean Latchana – as a business agility consultant and coach, Dean looks to support senior leadership, teams and individuals to succeed in a dynamic market by helping them to develop awareness and ways of working contextual to their needs, to strike the right balance between their current operations and the need to innovate, where efficiencies are needed in the former and an exploratory mindset is needed in the latter, and to gain a new set of competencies so they can continuously re-optimise to an ever-changing business landscape.
  • Seb Rose – BDD advocate at one of our diversity sponsors Smart Bear and Harvard guest lecturer on agile software dev, Seb says: “With decades of technical experience and a dispassionate, pragmatic approach to agile, you might get a different perspective from me. I have a degree in computer science and electronics, a 20-year-old Oracle DBA certificate, and no formal agile qualifications whatsoever.”
  • Sue Bramhall – fully-certified coaching professional. “I have been successfully coaching clients throughout the UK, Bulgaria and South Africa facilitating their self-growth and development for a good few years now. I work across organisations as well as at a personal level — wherever my clients take me!”
  • Portia Tung – one of this year’s keynotes, Portia is a play researcher, executive agile coach leading the transformation at RBS, and a personal coach, including to the Prime Minister’s office and cabinet.
  • Philippe Guenet – a systemic coach who mixes ORSC (Organisation Relationship System Coaching) techniques with digital leadership, applied to strategy, new leadership, team working, operational excellence and agile. He works with leaders, leadership teams, scrum masters, product owners and feature teams alike. At large banks and enterprises as well as startups and is currently involved with facilitating a digital re-organisation, developing an operational excellence culture and creating a digital education curriculum.
  • Doug Talbot – Doug Talbot is currently spending a lot of time writing a book and thinking about how to be a great leader and make organisations awesome. He is currently an editor on Culture and Methods for He has worked in technology forever, from coder to head of digital delivery. He has lead technology groups in banking, government, science and recently drove organisational transformation as head of organisational effectiveness at Ocado Technology.