Coaches Clinic


We are excited to announce that one of this year’s experiments is a wonderful idea from community member Raquel Silva — a coaching clinic!

We truly believe in the distinct value of this year’s schedule to accelerating your digital transformation. But we also realise there’s a need for personalised coaching, so you as an individual attendee or as a whole small team can work out any blockers and bottlenecks.

We have reserved two locations for simultaneous coaching sessions in our gorgeous event space. They will run in parallel to the regular conference schedule. There are 26 half-hour coaching spots in total over two days, facilitated by some of our awesome speakers and agile coach community members. You’ll be able to book ahead, as well as, if there are spots left, the mornings of.

Group tickets of six or more have priority booking and can book two personal coaching sessions back-to-back, which you choose to leverage as you sit fit, as a group or individually.

Are you already an agile coach or a digital leader? Even more of a reason to take advantage of our fully included coaching experiment — we can always use the time for both professional and personal reflection!

Get your tickets while they last. We will start booking up the coaching clinic in February 2020.

Are you interested in sponsoring the coaching clinic? Read more about our sponsorship opportunities and then give us a shout.