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Thank you for your interest. Our Call for Speakers is usually open from 1 October t0 1st December. If you missed it, we hope you’ll apply next year.

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If you submission has been accepted you will contacted by email between the 1st of December and 15th Decmber. If you submission has not been accepted you will be definitly informed by the end of January.

Since 2019 all videaos are host by InfoQ. You can check the videos of 2017 and 2018 on youtube.aginext.io.

In its third year, Aginext is a conference dedicated to helping both business and software take their business agility to the next level. It’s a unique gathering of pioneers and thought leaders coming together to explore Agile and Post Agile, Lean, DevOps, CICD, company culture and more into new fields and business domains.

The talks and workshops are very engaging, hands-on and actionable, but often the networking during breaks is the best part.

Everyone is welcome no matter what their stage in the agile transformation they are at, however Aginext is geared to those more experienced in agile, who want new perspectives and ways to continue in their agile journeys.

Aginext is the first conference of its kind dedicated to helping agilists learn how to:

  • apply the most recent business agility trends to your team
  • help others adapt an agile mindset and lean ways of working
  • assist both individuals and organisations in embracing change
  • take agile from just your team to whole organisations

47 talks and workshops by people practicing Agile in the field. Aginext is a combination advanced agile talks and workshops. It’s also a great opportunity to network and learn along with other agile professionals.

Aginext is two days and there are four tracks this year, so expect something for all of your agile needs.

Aginext came out of a demand from attendees of our sister conference Agile Tour London.

Since the Agile Manifesto in 2001, Agile has evolved a lot, reached full maturity and spread across all industries. Nowadays thousands of professionals have years of experience in Agile but it is still re-inventing itself — and there are still challenges and barrier to adoption every day. This is why, for the fifteenth birthday of the Agile Manifesto in 2016, we came up with the idea of a Conference for Agile Practitioners which will explore the most advanced agile practices and the emerging ones.

Since then, after warm encouragement from the European Agile Community, the conference has grown from one to two days, with four tracks to choose from each day. It’s also expanded to include agile-adjacent topics like lean software development, DevOps, testing, and CICD.