Aginext is made up of truly agile-minded events and a burgeoning community. That means we continue to iterate based on feedback from our community. And some repeat attendees have told us that two days of a conference for advanced agilists just isn’t enough. We’ve seen a strong industry demand for a third day that provides more intimate training, and we are responding to it now.

In correlation with our two days of talks and workshops dedicated to what’s next after agile on Thursday 19 and Friday 20, March 2020, we will host a training day on Wednesday 18 March from 9:30am to 4:30pm (with an hour lunch included) at our same gorgeous London venue. The Aginext Training Day 2020 will feature two different, day-long training sessions by long-term, established community members and speakers.

Coaching Fundamentals in Your Daily Work with Portia Tung

In the Agile community, the term ‘coaching’ gets bandied around almost as much as ‘agile’. What do we mean by ‘coaching’? How does it feel to coach and be coached? What are the core skills of an effective coach? What does good coaching look like?

Join Portia Tung, qualified coach, executive agile coach, and play researcher, in this highly practical coaching tutorial to experience what it takes to become an effective coach and experiment with ways to integrate it in your daily life in order to increase the value you bring when working with others.

We invite participants to bring along issues and challenges as topics to be coached on.

This tutorial is suitable for both people new to coaching as well as those who have been practicing for sometime because continuous personal development lies at the heart of effective coaching.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The definition and relationship between Agile Coaching and Coaching
  • Core coaching skills defined by the International Coaching Federation with a focus on: Establishing Trust and Intimacy, Coaching Presence, Active Listening, Powerful Questioning and Creating Awareness
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Tips and tools for improving your self-management
  • Insights on improving your relationship with others

This course is suitable for:

  • Leaders and managers who wish to explore a more human-centred approach to leadership and management
  • Agile practitioners interested in learning more about what coaching is firsthand
  • Individuals keen to explore becoming a coach as the next step in their professional and personal development

Tickets for Portia’s training or for her training + Aginext Conference are available on Eventbrite

Foundations of Digital Strategies using Wardley Maps with Philippe Guenet

Are you interested in supporting the digital transformation of your business, or putting yourself at the forefront of the new digital economy? Maybe you have been in charge of an Agile transformation that is now plateauing and looking for the next level. This one-day course led by Philippe Guenet, offers an introduction to digital strategies and a new framework called Wardley maps. Wardley maps are very suited to build situational awareness of an enterprise and identify strategic moves through the whole value chain, supporting a digital business.

After this course, the participants will have a better understanding of the complex nature of digital strategies and how to use strategic maps to read the landscape and take advantage of it. The course is based on practice and by the end of the day, the participants will be able to put together simple maps by themselves.

Learning outcomes:

  • Dimensions of digital strategies
  • Foundational concepts to Mapping
  • Practice steps for building maps (Purpose, Users, User Needs, Value Chain, Map) working from fictional scenarios
  • High level understanding of the strategic cycle
  • Introduction to further concepts of movement, inertia, climate, doctrine and gameplay, details of which are covered in further modules to this foundation.

This course is suitable for:

  • Anybody involved, or interested in, digital change, digital strategy, digital transformation or agile transformation
  • Strategists looking for an initial understanding of maps
  • Business leaders looking for a new approach to steer their business in the Digital economy
  • Product Managers, Product Owners and Architects looking to define a product development strategy and/or value stream alignment of the teams

Tickets for Philippe’s training or his training + the Aginext Conference are also available on Eventbrite.